4 Star Action Thrilled-Opener!

…is how The Independent have described the first episode!

The first review is in and I’m super excited to share it with you especially as I got a mention! Thanks Sally Newall!

[Poldark episode 1] opened with a pregnant Elizabeth ready to drop and George going full pantomime villain on stepson Geoffery Charles (played brilliantly by Harry Marcus). GC, as I think I shall call him, responded with some sass. He had no time for his sinister stepfather and defied his Poldark ban to visit Uncle Ross at the mine.

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Poldark ep1


Meanwhile in The Telegraph

The arrival of the namby-pamby named Valentine presages ill for  his half-brother Geoffrey Charles (Harry Marcus), who has inherited none of his late father Francis’s invertebrate tendencies and stepped forward to grab this opening episode by the frock-coated lapels. “I need no permission to visit my own family!” he snorted.

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Digital Spy also had some kind words to say..

Likeable little chap Geoffrey Charles (now older and played with gusto by Poldark newbie Harry Marcus)

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